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The fantastic advantages of the silk – creating results

Silk is the main ingredient in any Miqura Silk Beauty Collection product. For hundreds of years silk has been recognized and used for skin care in Asia.
Research results show the rejuvenating, moisture binding and visible effect of silk and its deep skin repair qualities.

When silk is put into water, sericin protein is released. Sericin contains 18 different amino acids, eight of which are especially important for the human body. Sericin can be compared to serin – the natural hydrating source of the skin. This means that the sericin from the silk more easily can penetrate to skin cell level. In this way the amino acids of the sericin improve the skin from within which is indeed effective.


Also the sericin creates a kind of protection film on the skin, making the skin more elastic and helps maintain natural hydration. Besides sericin improves the collagen production of the skin, which is important to maintain healthy and young skin.

We have carefully selected silk of the finest quality from the best supplier; a family owned plant in Thailand. This company has specialized in producing quality silk for the cosmetic industry. They have a close cooperation with the Thai government who supports the ongoing research and development within the silk industry

Miqura’s Peel Me Facial Tips are ecological silk cocoons of the purest and best quality available. Silk worms are very sensitive to pesticides and just a minimum will kill them. The silk worms are daily fed with freshly picked, ecological and finely chopped mulberry leaves. This kind of silk production is environment-friendly, as the plants have not been exposed to pesticides, and the silk worms are carefully treated, ensuring a clean production without excreta in the silk. When the worms have spun their cocoons, these simply are air-dried. Afterwards they are kept in a refrigerator under optimum temperature conditions, to protect them from bacteria.

Miqura’s production method is unique as it does not involve any chemicals for cleaning the cocoons. Normally, chemicals are needed for silk production. But using Miqura products you will not expose your skin to harmful chemicals and the silk products from Miqura are 100% degradable.

Miqura guarantees that production is taking place under safe, legal and good working conditions.

The advantages of Miqura silk cocoons

Miqura has carefully selected our silk cocoons. We have found just the right supplier, offering
unique and big, and high-quality cocoons.

  • Big cocoons, edge-cutted for optimum finger fitting.
  • Unique silk worms, bred especially to spin cocoons with high level protein contents.
  • Fresh silk cocoons that more easily give off their protein.
  • Clean silk cocoon breed. The underlay is exchanged several times a day to avoid dirt from the
    works that would otherwise pollute the cocoons.
  • Kept under right temperature conditions to keep free from pesticides and preservatives.
  • Produced under sustainable and good environmental and working conditions.
  • Miqura products are reusable – can be used several times.

Our Miqura vision is to create natural and high-quality products, produced under sustainable and
good conditions for people and environment. Together with our passionate and dedicated team we will
create unique customer experiences. We give high priority to create effective results and high-quality

The cycle of a silk worm

The cycle of a silk worm is about 45 days. It begins as a small egg that hatches after 10-12 days. Then the worm starts eating the mulberry leaves that are served every day. In the beginning the leaves are finely chopped, in order the small worm can easily eat them. The underlay that the worms lie on, are exchanged every day. When the silk worm has grown fat, it begins spinning its silk cocoon which becomes its home for the next 10 – 12 days. During this period the worm transforms into a moth-looking animal. The next three days it spends on reproducing itself and laying eggs. Then it dies and a new cycle begins.

Our silk supplier has brought this production method to Thailand. A new type of silk worms with the good qualities from the original silk worms has been bred, and acclimatized to the warmer climate in Thailand. Thus it is now possible to produce silk worms 100% naturally in Thailand.