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About us

Miqura is a luxurious danish skincare line that is highly effective and mild to the skin. It fits and protects any skin needs and helps skin to balance.

Besides that, Miqura is pioneering, innovative and offers a unique product line that complements the current trends.

The Nordic visual expression of the products is reminiscent of the amazing feeling you get when using the products

Miqura’s values are based on a philosophy to create unique and strong products combining natural ingredients and science, always seeking excellent quality. The range of products include face masks, body masks, silk products, face care and body care products.


”Miqura products are unique and effective products combining natural ingredients and science in excellent quality”
– Elsemarie Østergaard


The story

The Miqura brand was started with a passion for beauty, innovation and cosmetics in 2011 by Jesper and Elsemarie with the Miqura Silk Line. A few years later we moved into the K-Beauty products and the masks. Today our range is wide and fits our costumer’s demands. Headquarters and warehouse are located by Silkeborg in Denmark.