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The story about the Miqura brand

Miqura is a Danish skin care product line, based on silk. It fits and protects any skin need and helps skin into balance. Miqura products are efficient and gentle to skin and environment. The products are based on the idea of combining effective skin care and natural ingredients. Miqura offers an exciting range of skin products that will complement your current needs without compromising your daily routines.

Miqura is a revolutionary brand, focusing on quality, unique results, and natural skin care. All Miqura skin care products are based on natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. They fit any skin type and meet most requirements.

The Miqura Golden Silk Collection is based on Thai silk which protects and nourishes your skin. The skin series has been developed in co-operation with an Asian silk plant that exclusively focuses on silk for skin care products. In Asia silk has been used for skin care for centuries, and tests have proven its high regenerative, moisturizing and nourishing effects.

Miqura Golden Silk Collection gives unique and outstanding results due to the delicate molecule structure of silk which helps, protects, nourishes and rejuvenates your skin optimally.

”Miqura products are exclusive natural products based on silk. They complement different demands and priorities in relation to the individual consumer’s skin care routines” – Elsemarie Østergaard

The vision of Miqura

Miqura Care’s vision is to create natural and high-quality products, produced under sustainable
and good conditions for people and environment. Together with our passionate and dedicated
team we will create unique customer experiences. Our highest wish is to create effective results
and high-quality products.

Miqura Care products are based on natural ingredients that are efficient and mild to skin and environment.
Miqura Care is pioneering, innovative and offers a unique product line that complements
the consumer’s present demands and creates extra sales. The fascinating visual expression easily
leads to the initial dialogue between staff and customer. Also the exciting product history will give
the customer a special and different experience.

Miqura Care’s values are based on a philosophy to create unique results from natural and sustainable
products, always seeking excellent quality.